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Friday, October 1, 2010

Upcoming Pattern Preview...

     Before I get to the upcoming pattern, I just want to say that I am beyond excited that people seem to be liking my first pattern, Ava Lynne. My goal is to try to get at least 2 free patterns up on this blog per month. I believe that, at its core, knitting is a community activity. We are taught to knit by friends and family; we share technique and patterns with our knitting groups (virtually & in person). Websites like Ravelry and Knitty have both contributed to creating an online community of knitters (the ultimate knitting group). These free patterns are my meager way of trying to give back to this community that I have been in a lurking in for years.

     Whoa! Enough of that. On to pattern details. Soon I will be putting up a pattern for another hat, Ziggity (pictured below). This hat is shown in newborn but I plan to create the pattern for sizes up to older children (preteen). The stitch pattern on this hat is a combination of zig-zagging purls & slipped stitches. I am a big fan and I hope you all are too. ;)

      I am also working on an adult version of Ava Lynne & a scarf worked in an elongated adaptation of the Ava Lynne Eyelet. Keep checking back here for details on upcoming patterns or, for you Ravelers, you can watch the j_erin knits designs page on Ravelry.

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