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Thursday, October 28, 2010

twistedBurl Slouchy Hat - Free Pattern

       This week's creation was totally one of necessity. I have been struggling through this fall season with only one hat and I had reached my breaking point. I know, I know. I'm supposed to be creating patterns *and* getting holiday gifts done (two birds, one stone & all that) but I just couldn't take it any more. And I am so glad that I used my own desperation as inspiration because this hat turned out great! I wanted a slouchy simple hat that is easy to wear and twistedBurl fits the bill perfectly.

       The slouch on this hat is pretty mild because I don't think I'm quite cool enough to pull off the full slouchy hat. So if you want an extreme slouch you'll need to add more rows before you start the decreases -- I'd recommend one extra loop through the pattern rows 1-10. Oh! One more pattern note, I intentionally worked this pattern on needles that are a little big for the yarn so that the fabric created would be a little floppy. So if you want a chunkier hat then use a bulkier yarn on the same size needles. ;)

This pattern is #5 of the 14 free weekly patterns that I will be posting here on this blog. Check out this post to learn more.

Yarn: Lion Brand – Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton
Needles: Size 10 circular (16” or 24”), Size 10 dpns  (or needed to obtain gauge)
Gauge: 3.5 sts & 4 rows per inch in Stockinette Stitch

p3tog: purl next 3 sts together
k2tog: knit next 2 sts together
ssk: sl1 knit-wise, sl1 knit-wise, slip these 2 sts back to left needle & knit together through back loop.
   <the following twists are easily done without a cable needle by using this method>
RT: slip st to cable needle & hold in back of work,
       k off left needle, k st off cable needle.   
LT: slip st to cable needle & hold in front of work,
       k st off left needle, k  off cable needle.

Cast on 65 sts

    Work 6 rows in 3x2 rib (k3, p2 to end)

    Increase row:  k9, m1* to 2 sts from end, k2
    Set-up row: *p2, k6, p2, k2* to end.

Work Pattern:

                Row 1: *p2, RT, k2, LT, p2, k2* to end
                Row 2: *p2, k2, RT, k2, p2, RT* to end
                Row 3: *p2, k6, p2, k2* to end
                Row 4: * p2, k1, RT, LT, k1, p2, k2* to end
                Row 5: *p2, k6, p2, RT* to end
                Row 6: *p2, RT, k2, LT, p2, k2* to end
                Row 7: *p2, k2, LT, k2, p2, k2* to end
                Row 8: *p2, k6, p2, k2* to end
                Row 9: *p2, k1, RT, LT, k1, p2, k2* to end
                Row 10: *p2, k6, p2, k2* to end

                Repeat rows 1-10
                Work rows 1-4 again

       <switch to dpns when needed>
                Row 1: *p2, k6, p2, k2tog* to end   (66 sts)
                Row 2: *p2, RT,k2, LT, p2, k1* to end
                Row 3: p2, *k2, LT, k2, p1, p3tog, p1* to end,
                       the last *p3tog & p1* will use the first two   stitches of the next row. ( 54 sts)
                Row 4: *k6, p3* to end
                Row 5: *k1, RT, LT, k1, p3* to end
                Row 6: *k6, p3* to end
                Row 7: *RT, k2, LT, p3tog* to end  (42 sts)
                Row 8: *k2, RT, k2, p1* to end
                Row 9: *k6, p1* to end
                Row 10: *k1, RT, LT, k1, p1* to end
                Row 11: *k2, k2tog, k2, p1* to end  (36 sts)
                Row 12: *RT, k1, LT, p1* to end
                Row 13: *k5, p1* to end
                Row 14: *k2tog, k1, ssk, p1* to end  (24 sts)
                Row 15: *k3tog, p1* to  end (12 sts)

      Cut yarn, thread through live sts and pull to close. Weave in ends. Enjoy!

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