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Friday, November 5, 2010

flabbergasted! & giveaways

     I just wanted to write a quick post to thank you all for the positive feedback. It has been great to hear that you've been enjoying my patterns. I started this blog (and the free pattern series) in the hopes that this would happen but I am completely shocked, flabbergasted, dumbfounded and humbled. :) I never thought I would see my patterns worked up by other people. It is so fantastic!

     I hope that you all enjoy the rest of this free pattern series. In addition to that series continuing through December, I am going to be adding some posts about my favorite knitting accessories, yarns, and tools. I'm also working on a giveaway (or two) that I will be posting details about next week, so watch for that.

     Oh! One last thing. I finally created a twitter account. Follow me for sneak peeks of upcoming patterns, knitting tips and other randomness. ;)  

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