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Thursday, November 4, 2010

avaElongated Free Scarf Pattern

     The idea for this pattern has been gnawing at me ever since I finished the Ava Lynne Baby Hat. The Ava Lynne eyelet pattern is easy to knit but it still creates a great deal of visual interest so I knew that I was going to use it again. I took the same basic eyelet pattern from Ava Lynne and extended it (both in width & length) to create a more elegant stitch pattern. This scarf has a beautiful subtle wave along the edges. I am really happy with it and I hope you all enjoy it.

     This pattern is #6 of the 14 free weekly patterns that I will be posting on this blog. 

Check out this post to learn more.


Yarn: Naturally Caron - Country (shown in deep taupe) - 2-3 skeins depending on desired length
Gauge: 5sts & 7 rows per inch
Needles: Size 6 straight (or circular worked back & forth)

Cast On 46 sts

Row 1: *k1, p1* to end
Row 2: *p1, k1* to end

Repeat these 2 rows 2 more times (total of 6 seed stitch rows)

Keep working 1st & last 5sts of every row in seed stitch. knit the purls & purl the knits.. ;)

Eyelet Pattern:

     Row 1: [yo, k10, k2tog] 3 times
     Row 2 (and all even rows): p all sts
     Row 3: [k1, yo, k9, k2tog] 3 times
     Row 5: [k1, yo, k9, k2tog] 3 times
     Row 7: [k2, yo, k8, k2tog] 3 times
     Row 9: [k3, yo, k7, k2tog] 3 times
     Row 11: [k4, yo, k6, k2tog] 3 times
     Row 13: [k5, yo, k5, k2tog] 3 times
     Row 15: [k6, yo, k4, k2tog] 3 times
     Row 17: [k7, yo, k3, k2tog] 3 times
     Row 19: [k8, yo, k2, k2tog] 3 times
     Row 21: [k9, yo, k1, k2tog] 3 times
     Row 23: [k10, yo, k2tog] 3 times
     Row 25: [ssk, k10, yo] 3 times
     Row 27: [ssk, k9, yo, k1] 3 times
     Row 29: [ssk, k8, yo, k2] 3 times
     Row 31: [ssk, k7, yo, k3] 3 times
     Row 33: [ssk, k6, yo, k4] 3 times
     Row 35: [ssk, k5, yo, k5] 3 times
     Row 37: [ssk, k4, yo, k6] 3 times
     Row 39: [ssk, k3, yo, k7] 3 times
     Row 41: [ssk, k2, yo, k8] 3 times
     Row 43: [ssk, k1, yo, k9] 3 times
     Row 45: [ssk, yo, k10] 3 times
     Row 46: purl all sts

Repeat until scarf is desired length or until you are nearing the end of your yarn.
Work 6 rows in seed stitch.
Bind off all stitches & weave in ends.

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